About our school

Mother Theresa Colegio position itself as a forerunner in the molding today's youth to become socially and academically adept students. Founded by dedicated educators and academic administrators, MTC unceasingly fosters a tradition of quality learning in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, accountancy, business, management, humanities, social sciences, general academics, home economics, information and communications technology, industrial arts, and design.

Providing students with diverse learning methodologies and platforms, MTC drives learning proficiencies that aim to turn students into globally competitive contributors in various industries and professional communities. Today, MTC continues to push the boundaries of learning forward through the establishment of its Special Program for Alternative Classroom Education (SPACE) in response to technology's continues integration into daily living.

Our History

Since the approval of K-12 program in the Philippines, it has always been the Ole Family's dream to establish an educational institution that specifically caters to Senior High School Students.

Being experienced in school operations and education administration, the family decided to bring their advocacy to life by building their own educational institution in Botolan, Zambales when the opportunity arose back in 2017. Later that year, the founders inaugurated another campus in Lubao, Pampanga with two more schools in Balatan and Iriga, Camarines Sur following suit. With a vision of giving aspiring professional access to quality education and nurture the youth's talent in different disciplines. Merle and Vhic expanded to other provinces including Laguna, Quezon, Bataan and other parts of the Visayas region.

Through this ambitious growth initiatives, MTC's founders believe that the school is God's love letter to the world. If it's God's will, He will be done.

Contemporary Missionary Education

MTC is committed to developing and delivering a learning system that is modern, progressive and cost-effective for all mathesians. Being an advocate of integrative educational growth, the school's management, administration, and faculty is dedicated to implementing a quality policy that drives its mission to developing passionate, above-average students in their chosen craft, forward.

Traditional Values

Beyond providing students with a collaborative, learner-friendly environment, MTC enriches each mathesian with responsive classroom strategies, structured interaction management, and coherent cultural exclusivity. With respect to traditional Filipino values, each of our students are imparted with social and interpersonal skills that nurtures respect and appreciation for the diversity among people.


With a broader appreciation of other beliefs and cultures, MTC empower students to use their knowledge, their gift to collaborate with others for the betterment of themselves and the society in which they live in. Instilling a compassionate spirit toward others enables each Mathesian to continuously nurture friendships and relationships in every endeavor.

Holistic Development (Life-Ready Skills)

MTC's comprehensive learning culture promotes holistic personal development for a well-rounded, complete Mathesian. Cultivating the body, mind, and spirit also means refining each student's journey of personal discovery and the inherent value it brings as they transition to a different, more complex phase of their personal and professional lives.


I'm a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.

-Mother Theresa


MTC Space Program

The Special Program for Alternative Classroom Education (Space) is MTC’s initiative in delivering online and blended Senior High School learning. It is part of the school’s tireless commitment to developing and strengthening its quality of education, reaching more learners across the country through an online, virtual learning space.