Build Your Future with Our K-12 Ready Program!

At Mother Theresa Colegio K-12-ready curricula and student-focused approach to learning, Mathesians are shaped and molded to grow as critical-thinkers who actively engage in inquiry, discovery, and Mother Theresa Colegio, education and values are at the very core of our commitment to develop holistic, professionally-adept Mathesians. Through its set of comprehensive continuous learning.


Our comprehensive childcare program combines a stimulating learning environment with a an interactive curriculum that allows children to discover, explore, and grow!


As young, nubile learners embark on an academic journey, our grade school curriculum extend each child’s knowledge through project-based work and hands-on activities.

Junior High School

Designed to refine the development of the modern generation, MTC’s Junior High program integrates foundation areas across all subjects and levels.

Senior High School

Experience Innovative Education within a Modern Setting

MTC believes that each student is gifted with skills and talents which the school nurtures based on the student’s learning style. Since its inception in 2017, MTC has continuously stayed true to its commitment of providing engaging learning experiences. With a vision of serving others through discipleship, education, and entrepreneurship, MTC enhances traditional classroom education by equipping students with global skills that help each and everyone become well-rounded leaders and professionals. The results-based method employs contemporary digital techniques that prepares students for the rigors of university life while increasing their chances of employment in prominent companies here and abroad.